FoodKnow is your partner when you want to develop your activities


From problem to possibility

A good example of a new way of thinking in development comes from Namibia. Acacia bush has become a big problem to the Namibian agriculture in the past few years. Acacia is a resilient bush with lots of thorns making it impossible for cattle to consume. Maybe we turn this problem into a possibility? This is the conclusion we came to together with Namibian and Finnish specialists. Right now, we are starting a development program to fraction acacia into feed and energy. Our aim is to produce cattle feed out of the feed fraction thus helping the farmers to grow their cattle during the long dry season in Namibia.  The success in this project will enhance the feed equity ratio in Namibia. The elements to success are:

  • good network in research and development
  • open-minded Finnish equipment manufacturers
  • international funding by UNIDO
  • knowhow of FoodKnow in project planning, gathering together the needed network and execution of the project


Growth from internationalization

The real growth for Finnish food chain companies can be solely based on international activities and export. Right now, China provides the biggest potential for the food export industry. FoodKnow has built an effective and secure system to reach Chinese food markets with its partner company Semat group. The elements to success are:

  • Finnish experts working in both China and Finland
  • excellent contacts to Chinese purchasers and logistics
  • the possibility to test food products in practice with both Chinese consumers and the HoReCa sector, ensuring that the products are suitable for the Chinese markets
  • excellent contacts to authorities in both China and Finland
  • knowhow of FoodKnow in project planning, finding funding and building contacts


Growth by networking

Building cooperation is in the same time a challenge and a possibility to many Finnish producer in the food chain industry. How to build cooperation while reaching productive and open development? FoodKnow has gathered a group of Finnish producers to refine Finnish raw materials into new products. The cooperation will offer the producers and consumers new possibilities with new products. At the moment, the project is in testing phase. The producers are also already making plans for international markets. The elements to success are:

  • a thorough research of existing products and the needs and demands of consumers for that product group
  • utilizing existing research knowledge
  • finding the right equipment
  • exploiting the new raw material in product development
  • knowhow of FoodKnow in project planning, gathering the partners, finding right development funding and leading the project


Viewpoints to planning

Food processing companies quite often have a compact and effective organization which concentrates mostly to everyday operations. Planning of new things may then be a challenge; especially when completely new ideas are taken under consideration. In cases like this, a fresh set of eyes can provide a new, positive and critical view; adding to the planning process of the company’s own strong knowhow. FoodKnow took part in five project planning process of several companies in 2016. Each plan evolved into a real development project with funding support from the authorities. The elements of success are:

  • good, open and critical project planning
  • right partners from companies and research organizations
  • knowledge of funding instruments
  • knowhow of FoodKnow in project planning, networking, funding and coordination of the projects


Possibilities by patents

Above you have seen some examples for organizations in the food chain industry. Developing in general means that you must develop yourself also, and FoodKnow naturally does that too. The best example of this is probably the unprejudiced development with both a client company and research specialist. As a result of this is a common patent application for refining branch currents of food chain. None of us could have done this alone but together we made it possible. We are expecting the realization of the results to happen soon. The elements of success are.

  • open-minded discussion with the partners and by that recognizing the challenges
  • making preliminary studies to turn the challenges into possibilities
  • finding the right research knowledge
  • knowhow of FoodKnow in project planning, finding the funding and coordinating the project